The Concept of Having a Universal Healthcare System

For most societies health, birth and death is something that falls into the society’s responsibility and people prefer to pay taxes to have this administrated. USA is the only civilized country that doesn’t have universal health care.

The ideas and thought behind a universal healthcare:

For most people to have a system dealing with life and death in the hands of incorporated businesses, seems grotesque and scary. The grotesque part is that people are getting profit from matters of life and death. The scary part is that a greedy organization might kill people for profit, by not paying for treatments. Another scary part is that when you might need healthcare the most, as when you can’t work because of ill health, that’s when you don’t have a health insurance. Besides it’s not only about yourself and your family it’s about the health of the society. There are more to life then yourself, and when other people suffer, so will you. Shouldn’t citizen’s health be more important than the concept that some people should earn money by squeezing sick people out of treatment options?

Somehow the Americans have lived with this system and according to the polls, at least 40% of the population do not find it disturbing at all, but want to continue having a privatized health system. I’m not sure why, however when listening to the politicians their argument is that without a privatized system you can’t choose your own plan or your preferred hospital and doctor; meaning the quality of the treatment is better.

Are the treatment and the quality in a privatized health care better?

I believe this is difficult to answer because it depends on the people creating the healthcare system and what they find important. The first measurement should be if there is a healthcare system for everybody, and it seems that the privatized system fails at its foundations. I have lived under both systems and I have noticed that under a universal healthcare system that nurses and doctors might become lazy and maybe arrogant toward the patients. However I don’t think this is an issue connected to the universal health system, but the regulation of accepted behavior and the right to complain.

Another issue is the lines for certain treatments. However, I don’t believe is connected to the universal health system either, it’s more an issue connected to small countries with few surgeons and experience in certain health issues. For small countries this is something that might and are solved – by sending patients abroad to neighbor countries.

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